Weight Loss Program

Mixed Martial Arts is considered an exceptionally athletic game and is great for weight loss and body toning. It's a total body workout that tones muscles, stiffens slacks, burns calories, boosts immunity and decreases the stress-levels. MMA exercises combine bodyweight and free weight exercises involving grappling and hitting techniques. With regular practice, you will transform into a sound, fit and stronger person. Enrol in our mixed martial arts centre for a free consultation or demo and see the difference it makes compared to any other sport you’ve ever enjoyed.

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Bridal Weight Loss

Our pre-bridal weight loss training is designed to knock off those extra pounds and flab in just 3 months. Say no to crash diets or last minute weight reduction programs and pick a healthy way to knock off those extra calories. Apart from weight loss, our program helps you live a sound way of life with confidence and panache.

Enrol in our pre-bridal weight loss training and transform yourself to another you before saying 'I Do'.

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Muscle gain

Our muscle gain training program is designed for those who are looking to have a stronger physique with toned muscles and shoulders. Martial art is known to improve body strength compared to other cardio exercises or weight lifting programs in the gym. Regular practice of our program under the guidance of experts will help build muscles, endurance and immunity transforming you into a stronger individual, both from outside and within.

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Muscle Tone

Strengthen your muscles without looking huge with martial arts training. Our muscle toning program will help you achieve toned muscles, power, stamina and endurance through regular practice of exercises like squats, sit ups, push ups and pull ups. Martial arts is considered as an entire body workout that works on different muscle groups, thus, making your muscles look toned and functionally stronger.

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Endurance Training

Move quicker, look sturdy, and feel athletic through our endurance training program. Considered as the most important physical skill after martial arts, endurance training is necessary for fighters to improve concentration levels and build stronger immunity during fights. Students are trained to fight confidently for a longer time without feeling fatigue or weak. This training program will make you physically stronger and mentally unflappable to fight your opponent with high vitality.

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Stress relief

Stress is common among adults nowadays that can lead to potential dangers to mind and body. Bid adieu to stress through martial arts practice that is known to bring down the levels of stress by keeping you physically and mentally away from the day-to-day anxieties. Our stress relief session will teach you to lead a tension-free life with a positive mind-set and attitude. Enrol in our training centre and learn to face your fears, overcome stress with positivity and improve your decision-making capabilities under pressure situations.

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