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What diet should be followed for MMA training?

It is important to follow a proper diet and nutrition routine while training for martial arts in order to achieve an athletic and strong physique. A martial artist has up to six meals a day compared to three but in limited intakes and adequate quantities. To attain a great physical health, check out our tips on what kind of diet you should be following if you’re practicing martial arts:


In order to gain muscle power and mass, it is essential to consume proteins in adequate amounts daily to avoid anaemia that results in low energy and weariness. It is highly recommended to have adequate amount of protein rich diets and supplements to stay fit and healthy during the practices.

Some of the common sources of proteins include eggs, milk, fish, soy, beans and poultry which should be taken in good quantities to strengthen bones and immunity. Balance your protein rich diet with fruits, vegetables and especially water which is essential to avoid dehydration during the exercises.


Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin E, C and other components gives strength to those who undergo rigorous workout sessions such as endurance training, kickboxing and other forms of sports. Strawberries, oranges, capsicum, carrots, kiwis are a few examples of antioxidants that can be added in addition to your daily multi-vitamin diet plan.


Fibre is found in fruits and vegetables that helps soak up the water inside your digestive system thus preventing you from feeling heavier. Fibre rich sources like oats, fruits, vegetables, peas and more help reduce weight, constipation, avoid the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Though fibre is not a nutritional element, it helps in excretion of waste from your body.

Calcium & Minerals

Minerals are nothing but metals that your body requires on daily basis like calcium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc and more. Research suggests that adequate amount of each of these substances are considered great for a good health. Calcium helps in repairing the bones that could be damaged due to heavy training. Milk and eggs are considered important ingredients that help in obtaining enough calcium in the body. Along with a calcium and mineral rich diet, a good quantity of vitamin D is also considered beneficial.


Fats are important part of the diet plan as they contribute to a fit performance. Addition of natural resources of fats such as coconut, egg yolk, avocado and oils are essential to keep the balanced levels of fats in the body. Note that large amount of fats found in meat and meat oils stores fats in the body thereby making you look bulky hence opt for the natural resources for long term benefits.

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